Via L. Cavaleri, 4
  20147 - Milano  ( I )
    Tel: 02.48706711
Thanks to  constructive collaboration from motivated and bright clinical operators, 
 it has been easy to create the most appropriate conditions for a constant and binding 
professional development, following the immense changes in the world of dentistry, 
updating laboratory systems and techniques.
"Protesical Dent" was created in 1981 from an idea by Sassatelli Roberto who is still
 the owner and manager.
We have been dealing with dental implants for more than 14 years, 
 whether screwed, cemented or a combination of both, 
 making the most of all the opportunities that modern technology offers,
 often inventing new solutions.
The application of clinical knowledge, the use of the most modern dentistry procedures, joined to the capability of correctly interpreting our clients requests, are necessary elements to make our work successful
In this scope we have chosen the best quality machinery and materials, 
obtaining optimal work time and the complete reduction of set-backs during the work process 
 Continuous refresher courses for the staff and particular attention to anything new on the market,
 are the elements which allow us to offer personalised service, and still maintain competitive prices.  
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